Experience the Finnish nature!

What We Do.

We are a Finnish full-service Luxury Travel Company which is specialized in eudemonic travel experiences.
We are flexible and always for you.
We will make sure that every aspect of your journey will be successful from start to finish.
We are the designer of Your Luxury Travels.

What Makes Us Special.

Local Expertise

We are flexible and always for you. Local hosts and help at hand when ever needed.

Bespoke Just For You

We make sure that every aspect will be successful from start to finish.

Hidden Gem Destinations

We know, what, where and when. Finland has tons of gem destinations to offer.


“I  was totally amazed by the way every little detail was so spot on perfect.”


“We saw the wild life like never before and had an absolutely wonderful vacation.”


“I will never forget this trip. We hade the most lovely luxury glamping experience.”

Tom & Ann

We Guarantee.

“You will visit private destinations with a touch of pure nature.
Our locations are appreciating the peace and diversity of nature,
by praising Finnish design and the ensemble of peace of mind.
We provide safely the unseen experience in the middle of the mystical Finnish nature.
You are guaranteed to get excited, a rush of adrenaline, sweat, laughter and joy.
Always complete, holistic, and smooth experience.”

Let's design your dream experience together!

designer@nordicvibes.fi | +358 10 4793151