Nature & Wilderness.

Finland is covered with beautiful forests, lakes, and fells, which ensures that there is plenty of space to explore and connect with nature.

The miracles of nature, such as the Northern Lights or the Nightless Night will bring the magic to your journey.

Our private locations will offer the experience of nature magic and mystics year around.

Wellness & Experiences.

Our busy lives often need natural ways to find inner peace. Your welfare can be assembled from different types of forest baths, meditations, yoga, sports or extreme activities in nature. Guided meditation exercises and outdoor activities are refreshing mentally and physically.

Finland has four unique seasons – light-filled summer, colour-drenched autumn, frost-glazed winter, and bloom-covered spring. For each season, we have our own unique activities too for relaxing and giving full experiences for the body and mind. We will customize all the unforgettable moments for our guests during the visiting period.

Accommodation & Privacy.

We have locations all over Finland and they will be booked by the needs of the guests for filling the ensemble of the journey.

These are carefully picked villas that are qualified by strict quality standards. When having luxury camping, the glamping, in the amazing nature locations, the criteria of the accommodation will be unique and customized. Our luxurious private accommodations are located in the middle of nature. Stress is automatically moving off from your body.

Culinary & Sustainability.

Pure & Natural: Eat slow and healthy in Finland. We highlight local, wild, seasonal, and organic products. Our chefs are artists, and you will taste it. There is no better designer than nature, and our obligation is to respect it. When you are traveling with us, you do not just observe the local heritage or ecology – you are part of it.

Sustainability has been built as our company values and strategies since the beginning. We do collaborate only with the most forward-thinking and sustainable suppliers. We have fair play
with all our suppliers and together we are protecting the environment, the landscape, and diversity of the nature in our region.